I don’t know that much about who directs what movies, but I’m definitely inspired by the look of old movies; I find them to be really beautiful. - LANA DEL REY

"I’m also thankful and sorry to Nana. When Nana does something, she does it in a bright and funny manner. But people have misunderstood that as her being rude to others…" — Jo Seho

"You’re truly like the younger sister to all of us. A very precious and cute younger sister." — Shin Sungwoo


Skyrim Locations: The Soul Cairn


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

mark’s reaction when he dropped his marker during a fansign

„I am always working hard in order to become a perfect gege!”

Men’s Style November Issue.

kim yugyeom 


lllllllet’s heist!

inspired by (x)


xenophilia: an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs


i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

mcountdown 360° cam

I didn’t crawl out of the grave to spend me time watching rubbish like this.”

H o p e : It is the only thing stronger than fear.